Customer Comments

Following are a number of verbatum comments from some of our customers over recent projects...

1. Custom built dipole / open baffle system

Creation of a custom built dipole / open baffle system using SEAS Exotic midrange and treble drivers with a professional grade 15 inch bass unit, measuring 95dB sensitivity in room with extension to below 30 Hertz.

Feedback from Brian W., of London

Thanks for all your careful engineering over the past few weeks John, as well as for your help today.  Very much appreciated and a superb result, both visually and, more importantly, sonically. The speakers are safely home and I am looking forward to living with them for many years to come. You have also introduced me to a very fine jazz singer and pianist, and the freebie organ recording from Freiburg Cathedral was extremely well made, capturing the grandeur of a fine instrument and the reverberant acoustic of the cathedral superbly well. A very good test of bass balance: in this case all present but in correct proportion.

Congratulations on a fine system, with an unique, or at least very rare, combination of BBC grade fidelity, exceptional sensitivity and serious low frequency extension, and without awkward phase/impedance challenges, which is unusual in itself these days. The polar measurements are also impressive. It shows what can be done, albeit at a price, yet it's amazing how often it isn't done, although there's some pretty expensive gear out there, as you have noted from your visits to shows.

2. Loudspeaker upgrade project - Yamaha NS1000

This loudspeaker upgrade project involved rebuilding original crossovers with modern high quality components as well as rewiring. Cabinets were fully performance tested and match within very close tolerances.

Feedback from Ian H., of London:
John, I've had yesterday afternoon and this evening to have good listen to the speakers and wanted to let you know my thoughts. When I heard them at your place they sounded pretty special and I couldn't wait to get them home and hooked up to my kit. I wasn't disappointed to say the least and feel it'll take me a little while to really appreciate how good they sound. I can't really put my finger on any one thing in particular but your upgrades take what I consider the main strength of the NS1000M - its transparency - and enhance it even more. The sound is better focused with increased separation between the instruments and voices. I listen to a lot more music on vinyl than CD as I've found CD recordings can sound a bit harsh. However, your upgrades have made my CD sound much better overall and it's approaching the sound quality of my vinyl set up. I'm extremely satisfied with the work you've done and am of the opinion that I would have to spend multiple thousands of pounds on current production speakers give a quantifiable improvement over the NS1000Ms performance.

3. Complete restoration of IMF Transmission Lines including implementing modern high-end drivers and components.

Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that the speakers settled in very nicely with my Cyrus amps - they look great and already feel like they belong in the house :-)

After we spoke of Paul Galbraith naturally I ran his Bach CD through the system and it was absolutely spot-on, beautiful balanced tone at realistic guitar level in the room, those new drivers reveal all the wonderful finger sounds which bring the performance to life without ever exaggerating - and you know I was so taken with it that I just listened through the whole double album.  The dog seemed to enjoy the guitar too (he normally leaves the room when I have the screaming opera ladies on!)

Will be exploring my music with fresh enthusiasm - you made me a great pair of speakers; they work beautifully in my system and are perfect for the room.  They also keep performing at very low volumes which I think my neighbours would have been glad of by the time I finally switched off at 2.00 am!

Thanks again for a splendid job and understanding exactly what I wanted, Gregory

4. Loudspeaker repair and measurement service

Hi John, Many thanks for both fixing my speakers and for the info below - you are incredible in terms of the amount of useful info you provide in these replies to my questions!
Kind regards - and thanks a million again

5.  Loudspeaker measurements service

Hi John, Thanks for all your help yesterday. It took a couple of hours for the new drivers to free themselves up and develop their full bass tone, but playing Fairport's "Bonny Bunch of Roses" last night, just perfect!

Perhaps your friend in Dubai would like to offer me the £17k instead - he won't get a better sound!

6. Loudspeaker restoration & upgrade

Hello John, I'm absolutely delighted with the speakers now. The changes you suggested have made a vast improvement. They always promised much, but, now with a flattened response they deliver in spades.

I should be asking you for additional components to finish the crossovers to a better standard, but that might take a little time. I'm enjoying them so much I don't want to dismantle them just yet.

Once again many thanks for the expert advice. It has saved me much time and, probably my sanity.
All the best, Pete

7. Crossover design & build

Hi John, Crossovers arrived today…..have not tried them yet but I wanted to commend you on the construction quality – great job!
Best regards,Simon

8. Loudspeaker restoration & upgrade

Dear John, I think the speakers sound great now, the clarity form the cross-over changes are very marked and the bass is so much tighter.

Either I am getting used to the sound, or the components are still bedding in in some way. Listening today from a very off-central position was curiously clearer than the first day when I sat in the usual position. I marvel at the imagery even when one is closer to one speaker than the other.

During Sunday evening, I used the HiFi News test disk, but still can't get either the Wiltshire left-to-right walk around nor the LEDR tests to work as I expect - left and half-left are similar, central is somehow indistinct, but the right hand side seems to work reasonably well. Strong sources of reflection are not obvious, although the right hand spkr has a cloth covered sofa nearby, the left has a leather recliner.

Perhaps better just to listen to the music rather than plan to add numerous drapes to the room...!

I think I'll live with them a bit before moving things around.

Thanks again for what is a fantastic transformation.
Best wishes, Mark

9. Loudspeaker restoration & upgrade

John - Just to let you know we are very pleased with the result of your modifications and maintenance to the TDL's.  Quad also serviced our 66 and 606 amps we have been using with the TDL's since new.  We are really happy; we use the system every day and love the new found accuracy and attack. The cabinets are for the first time showing what they had 30 years ago but never really delivered.
Thanks, Paul Lane - Ashford

10. Crossover Design & Build project

Hey John,
I've managed to solder and install the crossovers. They sound great!!! I am very happy with them John you've done a fantastic job! Thank you so very much :)
Best regards, Chris Painter, London

11. Celestion A3 Repair & re-calibration

Hi there John,
WOW. I have just now unpacked and managed to listen to these speakers properly since buying them, and they sound great! Such a difference to the imaging and detail.

I put on one of my favourites, Billie Jean LOUD and heard parts of the music I hadn’t heard before. I've always been a big fan of horn speakers and have owned a few different Lowther speakers, but might have to rethink my preference here - although I was listening to a lot more jazz with my Lowthers.

I am interested John, how do these perform to you? You must hear hundreds of speakers and I would welcome your view here. Thanks for wrapping them carefully also as Peter got them back to me yesterday.

I think you have the best job in the world, and I wish I had the skills to do the same... Amazed.
Many thanks, Arthur Kemp, Cambridge

12. Restoration of KEF105.3 and a pair of Goodmans RB20

Hi John,
I thought that I should like to let you know how delighted I am with the performance of the KEFs.

There seems to be a wonderfully smooth and full spectrum of sound from the lowest frequencies to the highest frequencies which my old ears can still experience.

I think that I had taken it for granted that the bass would be restored to the full splendour which I had remembered.  What I had not expected is the extraordinary clarity which you achieved by replacing the tweeters.  I don’t doubt that remembering the quality of sound is difficult or impossible but I can say that I can hear sounds in the high frequencies which I am sure that I have never heard before and which add to the clarity without impairing the naturalness of the sound.  I have also noticed that the ‘hole in the middle’ has disappeared and I remember that, when I first auditioned the speakers about 20 years ago, the unimpaired sound stage from left to right was one of the features which made me decide to buy them.

The Goodmans have also returned to their delightfully full and easy sound.  They seem wasted in the kitchen but it is remarkable that clear sound can be experienced in all corners of the room despite background noise and without the sound being oppressive when standing close to the units.

I hope that you feel proud of what you do.  Keep up the good work!
Regards, Paul from Southampton

13. Restoration of a pair Castle Severn Loudspeakers

Dear John,
I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the sound from my refurbished Castle Severns, now they’ve had a chance to run-in. I can only reach for a visual metaphor, when I say that the difference is like a boarded up window being replaced with a sheet of pristine new glass. All aspects of the sound and presentation are much improved, and well worth the comparatively modest outlay.
Paul H. East Sussex

14. Repair of EPOS ES22

I have now been able to assess my speaker I owe you a big thanks for restoring them. It must be that they have been deteriorating for some time as the sound now seems to be tighter.

Once again thank you for the use of your skills and I hope you make other customers as happy as I am.
Angus Macintyre - Scotland

15. Repair / Upgrade to B&W CDM1

Extract from a letter send by this customer to Bowers and Wilkins:-

"I mentioned that the speakers that I partner with the HTM7 are my 15ish year old CDM1s which I’ve recently had them professionally upgraded by probably the best UK loudspeaker restorer & renovator ->  Essentially he’s put in upgraded tweeters into these and modified the crossover, he’s done a great job and definitely I would say if you have customers needing service to go to this business.  So basically I’ve got some really special ‘as new’ CDM1s now which did show up the underperforming HTM7 before the tweeter was swapped over."
Darren Horvath

16. Restoration of Celestion Ditton 66s

John, So pleased with the results of the repair work you carried out on my 66's, I have had plenty of time to try them with my Quad 11 forty's and nothing seems to phase them, I have had loads of comments from people who have listened to them mostly 'it sounds like you are there' problem is once they are in my house I can't get them out? I would not hesitate to recommend you company to any one with poorly speakers, thank you for a professional service and bringing life back into my old 66's.
Kind regards, Ken Harding.

17. Restoration of KEF R104aB

Dear John,
Just to say that the speakers are working great, the rattle has gone and sound is wonderful, just shows how things degrade over time, that you don't notice! Many thanks for all your help, especially allowing us to pick the speakers up from your home on Saturday morning. A good job well done, very pleased.
Best Regards, Ray Davis

18. Crossover advice for Linn Kabers

Hi John All the components came yesterday and I spend the day making up the crossovers. The speakers sound superb. Thank you so much for your expertise, your advice and sending out quality products. Feel free to use this endorsement and I will certainly be recommending you on forum sites. Thanks again..... Steve

19. Improving Bass performance

Dear John,
When I left my speakers with you on the Tuesday you demonstrated a pair of stand speakers. I don’t spend much time listening to other hi-fi systems so have nothing really to compare with but what I heard from those speakers was the best I have ever heard so I was hopeful that you could produce a similar (but possibly not as good) quality sound from my speakers after they were upgraded. Well I have to say I was not disappointed. The upgraded speakers sounded far better than I could have hoped for and I think you have done a tremendous job. I have now installed them on my system and they sound superb. They are clearer, the stereo imaging is improved and the bass response is much better. I can’t thank you enough.
Many thanks, David Cryer

20. Restoration or a pair of AR 2ax speakers

Hello John - I am pleased to report that the speakers are performing very well (as you demonstrated on my visit) and I can now relax and enjoy all the CDs and vinyls (LPs to you and me) that have been sitting idle for so long. They are 40 years old and now sound like new.
Thanks, Michael Hankin

21. Repair & Upgrade of B&W CDM7SE

Hi John,  It’s been a few weeks since I received and set up my repaired CDM7SE’s, and I must say they are excellent! The replacement tweeters are a great sonic fit. The whole units have a lovely stable sound throughout the volume range and gel nicely with my subwoofers. I hear new subtle details my previous speakers had never revealed. 

I’m so glad to have found you and your company. The writings/philosophy on your website were a great read and very reassuring that these were the folks to go to. I’d also like to mention that the cost for the work done was very reasonable, and I hope you get plenty of it!
Many thanks, Richard Roberts

22. Restoration of Impulse H2 horns

Dear John,
Just a note to say that at long last I have had someone round with a selection of amplifiers, and heard the H2s that you refurbished for the first time. They sounded great from the word go and fantastic after about an hour. The dealer was astonished at how good they were. So finally, an informed thank you for the work you did on them.
Kind regards, Malcolm Turner

23. Restoration of a pair of Wharfedale Rosedales

Hi John,
The Wharfedales have about 70 hours on them and they sound smoother and more detailed since bringing them home. Bass is deep and fast - exactly what I was hoping for. I have refurbished the cabinets and oiled them to their former glory. They now look and sound fabulous. Thank you so much.
Regards, Colin

24. Restoration of a pair of KEF 104.2 Reference speakers

Hi John.  I have a mate over tonight, audiophile.  He loves the Kefs and said what a great job you did.  I'm over the moon with them.  Once again , many thanks.   Even my wife likes them !!

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