Loudspeaker Repairs


Upon receipt of a single or pair of loudspeakers we will carry out an evaluation involving & set of standard performance measurements to enable us to provide you with an assessment report and quotation for the repair

Loudspeaker repairs can cover any of the following:

  • replacing faulty drive units
  • replacing faulty crossover components
  • correcting faulty wiring and / or connectors
  • restoring drive units by replacing foam or rubber surrounds
  • repairing damage to cabinets and grilles

Some repairs, particularly on older loudspeakers, can take us more into the realm of restoration. This typically occurs when original replacement parts are no longer available and the only option remaining is to consider fitting near-equivalents. Locating the nearest equivalent drivers requires us to search for units that will match the enclosure characteristics, the other drive units used, and the original overall performance of the loudspeakers when new. Sometime the best compromise is to modify the cabinet to accommodate a slightly different physical driver dimensions and/or re-calibrate the crossover network to bring the loudspeaker into correct balance.


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